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Welcome to Beverly Hills Jazz
Jazz Singer
Guitar Player
Jazz Bass
IB ART/Beverly Hills Jazz was founded by a group of jazz aficionados in Beverly Hills, California. Extraordinarily talented jazz musicians from all over the world work in and around Los Angeles as composers and studio musicians for movies, television shows, commercials, the recording industry, etc. They make a living playing mostly non- jazz music. Yet for many, their passion is playing jazz improvisation!

IB ART highly values jazz improvisation as an American-born form of artistic expression. We equally value instrumental and vocal sound art. Together, they create beautiful harmonized expression. Artists and listeners interact with each other and communicate more deeply. It’s a perfect balance of vocal and instrumental jazz. All audiences, from the hard-core jazz aficionado to the new jazz fan, can be connected and share the moment.

IB ART provides the best in jazz performance. We believe that "Sound Art" is best heard and felt live, so we try to minimize any distraction during the performance. We ask the audience not to take photos/videos, or post to social media about the performance. We respect the audiences’ privacy. In turn, we hope that the audience appreciates the many years of discipline and craftsmanship that it takes for artists to be able to create "Sound Art". We believe in the beautiful, spontaneous moment of live performance and wish to provide the most comfortable setting for both artists and audiences.

IB ART is about creating a moment which cannot be duplicated. Jazz improvisation is a craft of spontaneity with split second timing by a trained ear-skilled artist. It is "Sound Art", not visual art. Therefore, we do not advertise, we do not drop famous names. IB ART will not sell on the visuals of a pretty face or beautiful costume. Sound art reaches listeners' senses directly and their individual perceptions will vary. For 100 listeners there will be 100 perceptions. IB ART Sound results in shared joy and emotion.

It’s inner-self communication between artists and listeners, and how one interprets it is up to one.

Once in a lifetime priceless experience.